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Coatesville Police receiving national certification

Coatesville Police Officers Earn National Certification

Coatesville, PA — Coatesville Police Sergeant Brenden Boyle and Detective Kirt Guyer recently undertook training in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a science that explores common-area design and aesthetics and applies tactics to mitigate criminal and vagrant activity.

The training was funded by the Coatesville 2nd Century Alliance. Collaborating with City Administration and the Coatesville Police Department, the initiative is part of a broader strategy to improve the overall economy and quality of life in the City of Coatesville.

CPTED is based on the premise that preplanning design of buildings and public spaces can reduce safety concerns and crime, making an environment more welcoming to residents and visitors.

The officers embarked on the training early in 2020 and spent a year working through the online program, which culminated in a final assessment project that included an in-depth analysis of some of the vacant buildings in the City.

Sergeant Boyle notes, “Attaining the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design certification has added a valuable tool to our arsenal, as the City of Coatesville continues towards revitalization. The training was conceptually different in comparison to many courses offered to law enforcement officers today. The focus on design elements to deter criminal behavior is a key tenet of CPTED. This multi-disciplinary philosophy cements a community approach, as it includes entities such as city planners, architects, code enforcement, and public works. It is an all-hands-on-deck strategy towards reducing crime and the fear of crime in our neighborhoods.”

Public safety is one component of a community revitalization strategy. Other areas of focus include resident engagement, job creation, real estate development, and home ownership programs. The 2nd Century Alliance is the City’s partner in economic and community development and used funds from a grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation to underwrite the training.

“We were proud to bring this innovative science to the Coatesville Police Department and to provide the funding for the training,” states Sonia Huntzinger, Executive Director of the 2nd Century Alliance. “It’s important to explore new ways to address public safety concerns and add more tools to the toolbox.”

The 2nd Century Alliance was founded in 2015 when the City celebrated 100 years of incorporation to ensure Coatesville’s “second century” is economically prosperous. A public/private partnership, the organization’s mission is to drive economic development in the City of Coatesville that enables the community to thrive.

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